Dimitri Perricos

Dimitri Perricos joined the IAEA in 1972 as a nuclear safeguards inspector. In April 1991, he joined the Iraq Action Team and led the first nuclear inspection team into Iraq under Security Council Resolution 687. He shares his stories about the Indian nuclear test in 1974, the dismantlement of the South African nuclear weapons program, and the Iraq inspections.
Interview: Vienna, 27 June 2015 [more]

Laura Rockwood

In 2013, Laura Rockwood retired from the IAEA as Section Head for Non-Proliferation and Policy Making in the Office of Legal Affairs, where she had served since 1985. While at the IAEA, she was involved in all aspects of the negotiation, interpretation, and implementation of IAEA safeguards, and was a principal author of the Model Additional Protocol. She is currently the Executive Director of the Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation.
Interview: Vienna, 3 August 2016

Mohamed Shaker

In 1982, Mohamed Shaker was appointed Representative of the Director-General of the IAEA to the UN in New York. Later, he held the positions of Egypt’s Ambassador to Austria and Egypt’s Governor on the Board of Governors of the IAEA, 1986-1988. In this interview, he also takes us back to the negotiations of the NPT in the 18-Nation Disarmament Committee in Geneva in the late 1960s.
Interview: Berlin, 1 September 2016

Thomas Shea

Thomas Shea worked within the IAEA Department of Safeguards between 1977-1981 and 1984-2004. He established the basic system elements of the INFCIRC/153 safeguards system, headed the Trilateral Initiative Office and the IAEA FMCT working group, and initiated the Safeguards Policy Series. In this interview, he talks about the IAEA and nuclear disarmament verification.
Interview: Vienna, 31 July 2016

David B. Waller

From 1993 until 2011, David Waller served as Deputy Director General of the Department of Management at the IAEA. He takes us back to the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and explains how they impacted the IAEA’s role in nuclear security. He gives insight into American-IAEA relations, and he shares with us how he remembers the day the IAEA was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
Interview: Washington, D.C., 21 November 2015 [more]

Norman Wulf

Norman Wulf served as the Special Representative of the President of the United States for Nuclear Nonproliferation from 1999 until his retirement 2002. Before assuming the Special Representative position, he served for 14 years as the Deputy Assistant Director for Nonproliferation and Regional Arms Control of the ACDA. He takes us to the negotiating table with North Korea and details the lead up to the creation of the Additional Protocol.
Interview: Washington, D.C., 19 November 2015 [more]

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